Download Duby NOW!

Download Duby NOW!

Finally, the cannabis industry has its own app! Duby has been created by Russel Thomas in order for cannabis users to show their art with others without being shutdown by other social media apps, like Facebook or Instagram.
At Duby, you are free to express yourself using cannabis. You can post anything about marijuana and you be loved!

The app itself is very easy to use. It is like a pot Tinder-like app. You swipe right if you like the pic or the clip, and swipe left to dislike. You can communicate with anyone, follow them, comment pics and videos. Best of all, it does it anonymously! Plus, Duby just released Explorer and you can see your rank in the app and see the top posts of the day, as well as feature brands, which have really new cool weed gadgets!

It is definitely “the freedom to speak and share knowledge and experiences that will change the perception of cannabis” (Duby).

Check it for yourself and see how cool it is and Download NOW!

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