How is marijuana used and consumed?

How is marijuana used and consumed?

Marijuana can be used in a variety of ways. The most common forms of marijuana use are through smoking the dried flower of the marijuana plant, vaporizing concentrated forms of marijuana, eating "edibles" and applying topical creams or lotions directly to the skin at the area of pain.

Smoking marijuana is one of the most widely used methods of achieving a high and experiencing the physical benefits of cannabis. Users can grind the dried buds of the cannabis plant and then pack the ground material into a pipe or bong, or roll into a joint using a cigarette-like paper. There are quite a large variety of methods when it comes to smoking pot, and it largely comes down to convenience.

For example, many individuals prefer to smoke marijuana through a pipe because of how easy and quick it is to prepare, whereas rolling a joint or a blunt takes skill, time, and patience. Also, some say that smoking joints or blunts are too harsh, and these individuals tend to enjoy a smoother smoking experience through pipes or bongs.

Another form of inhalation comes with the vaporization of either the dried buds, or concentrated forms of the active ingredients in marijuana. Certain devices can be used for the dried and ground plant material. These "dry-herb" vaporizers have a small heating chamber, which the dried plant matter is packed into. These chambers are heat regulated to achieve a temperature great enough to vaporize the THC and other active ingredients, yet not hot enough to induce combustion of the plant material into smoke; therefore, creating a less "harsh" inhaling experience than smoking while still providing users with the desired effects of marijuana use.

Other cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients prefer to use a concentrated form of THC, generally as a wax or oil. These are commonly called concentrates or hash, and are a more pure form of cannabis, where the active ingredients are stripped from the plant material and processed into their concentrated forms. These waxes and oils can be heated in a variety of ways to be vaporized and get high.

Portable vaporizer pens are very similar in size and functionality as an e-cigarette, yet these vape pens can be used to vaporize dry herb, hash concentrates and oils. The slender design of these devices allows for extreme portability, and the vapor produced from vape-pens is far more discreet than smoking marijuana, making portable vaporizer pens a favorite among many.

Edible forms of the cannabis are generally derived from making oils or butter from the leaves or buds of the cannabis plant, which are then used to infuse baking products and other foods with marijuana for. However, much caution should be used when consuming edibles because of the delayed onset and difference in euphoria and effects. After consuming edibles, your body's digestive system can take some time to absorb the THC, and once absorbed, it can generally provide a more profound high than smoking due to the chemical structure of the cannabinoids being altered by the body's digestive process. Also, the effects of marijuana consumed through edible varieties tends to last significantly longer than the effects from smoking or vaporizing.

Lastly, some people who are solely seeking relief from physical ailments and don't desire the mind altering effects of cannabis prefer to use creams or lotions infused with THC and CBD. Using a topical form of the substance can allow users to experience relief from an isolated pain by absorption of cannabinoids through the skin.


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